Network Connection issues.

Ok. This problem has developed in about the past month or so. Occasionally, in the evening I will find an issue with my Note 9 where it changes over to cellular and won’t connect to my AT&T Wi fi. When I try to reconnect I get a "Failure to obtain IP Address." Happens maybe twice a week. The strange part is, it seems to ONLY effect my Note 9. So far I’ve:

Rebooted the phone
Rebooted and cleared the Cache partition
Switched wifi off, waited and back on
Switched Airplane mode on, waited a bit, Turned it back off
Told the phone to clear all networks and re-entered the passcode
Rebooted the router, which worked once or twice. I didn’t try it last night because it was so late.
I got up, went to my PC (Hardwired) and gone to my router, gone to device list, told it to clear and rescan for devices and THAT reconnected me… for a couple of times. Last night, even that didn’t work. I finally gave up and went to bed only to find it reconnected the next morning. I really don’t want to go with a static IP since there are multiple WI-FI connections that I hit when I am not at home.

With Covid, I’ve had my grandsons over a lot, Multiple I-pod’s, I-Pad’s, Chrome books, Laptops, Switches along with my phone, my wife’s iPhone, iPad, HP printer, Samsung TV, multiple Blu-Ray players, U-Verse, WAP… And whatever else

But why would this just start in the past month or so?? The last update I got was Feb 16 and according to the net, it was just a security patch. FUA2 from AT&T

Any ideas?

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