‘Network permission’ notifications for apps in Android 10 – turning off

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I have Android 10 on my phone. In the ‘Settings – SIM card & mobile data – Mobile Data – Network Permissions’ menu, I have set wifi & mobile data access as "disable network" for some of my apps.

The problem is, when I open such an app, it shows a notification "App name is Forbidden From Using the Network" with two buttons to choose from – "Keep disabled" or "Allow". This cannot be minimized or removed without choosing either of the two buttons.

After choosing "Keep disabled", the nuisance does not go away. Each time the app is opened next, there is a toast informing "Network is turned off for App name. You can modiy this in menu location". This happens every time! And sometimes (probably after a reboot, not sure) Android 10 forgets the setting for that app and the mandatory notification comes again with the buttons to choose from.

Can this behavior be prevented or at least minimized?


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