new interesting problem with kindle app on fire tablet

so, as I was relaxing in bed three nights ago, I picked a random book to read in my library as is often my wont, to settle and relax my mind for sleep, and I ended up on one of my jim davis garfield compilation book volumes.

right away I noticed a problem.

it kicked my tablet right into portrait mode..which the origami style stand/case is known to perform sub-optimally at(eg stability issues).

so…I back out and go into another book, ghostbusters omnibus, and it presents the book in a proper landscape orientation.

next I go back to garfield and attempt to troubleshoot/look for an option to tell it to present in landscape.

I obviously failed.

I was not able to relax for sleep and spent close to an hour pretty annoyed with my tablet for the first time since I purchased it.

to be clear, it is only the jim davis garfield kindle books that present this particular issue, not even another comic(the old guard vol 1) resulted in this.

so, kind forum users, I ask of there a setting or option I’m missing here, to force this particular series of books into landscape mode?

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