New login to Instagram from GooglePlusBot on Linux

Hello, I received this email today. It says "We noticed a login from a device you don’t usually use. Linux · GooglePlusBot · Unknown location".

I have enabled 2FA for both my Facebook and Instagram, also have SMS authenticator enabled.

Should I worry about it? I wanted to reach "Instagram" support, but seems like they have grown up another big corporation that doesn’t have any humans to contact and in fact, I couldn’t even find any way to contact them, so I’m posting here.

I also googled this problem and seems like users from Russia were also getting this problem, but their location was California, Mountain View and I’m not from Russia.

Anyone having this problem besides me?

P.S. Also, I see that this forum uses my real name and I’m not comfortable with that. Can anyone from mods/admins help me to change my nickname?

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