New S21 Ultra – Strange Behavior going on

I just got my new S21 a few days ago and I started to notice some weird stuff.

It’s like it decides to click on "return" by itself. Like the command is triggered around every 4-5 minutes consistently.

For example. I’m watching a NETFLIX show.. then after around 4-5 minutes.. the video will close and I get returned to NETFLIX’s main screen ( just like If I had just pressed the return key).

Or I’m recording a video using the default camera app and on the 4-5 minute mark, the video stops recording and goes back to the main photo camera screen. And If I leave it there, the app will close and return to the main screen 5 minutes later.

I tried to check the diagnostics of the digitalizer to see if there is an issue with it. Thus wrongly detecting the "return" key being pressed when I’m not.

Note that I have tried leaving the phone using standalone plastic holders, with my hands, with my wallet-style case and even a tripod. The behavior still maintains itself.

I have tried to disable every single gesture, or addition and still does it.

I noticed that a few other people also reported this behavior on the S21 series in Samsung’s forum, with no real comment other than the classic bot telling you to wipe your phone clean and start again.

In another question, is there a way to remove BIXBY? I hate that the power button is tied to it and I cannot get the power menu when I’m holding the power menu like It used to happen in my Note 9.

Device info:

Model: S21 Ultra 5G
Model Number: SM-G998B/DS
UI version: 3.1
Android Version 11
Kernel Version: 5.4.61-22520315
Knotx 3.7
Android Patch level: November 1 2021

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