No mobile data on note 8

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I was gifted a note 8 that was on t-mobile network. It is unlocked. I registered it on metropcs. I can make calls, send and receive text but the mobile data does not work. Since the phone was still under warranty with t-mobile (insurance replacement) and metropcs was unable to determine the issue. Even going thru the "engineers" didn’t help. They said it was a defective phone. So we replaced it with another note 8 from t-mobile. Had the replacement phone unlocked only to have it do the same thing. It works just fine on the t-mobile network using a t-mobile sim but when a sim from metro is inserted we have the same problem of no mobile data. We have spent hours on the phone with tech support and changed sim cards, several factory resets. Changing APN settings etc. Putting in and out of airplane mode at one point we had it working for a few hours because we realized the factory resets were causing it to be locked again. So after we realized that, it started working, but like I said for only a couple of hours. It’s hard to believe tech support didn’t have us check that, we figured that out on our own. Now We noticed it stopped working again once it was disconnected from our home wifi. Since then we cannot get it to stay connected. We replaced the sim and it worked for about 30 seconds then stopped again. Anyone have a solution to this issue?


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