No sim Phone vs Tablet

Hello out there…

Not very technical individual here and need some direction on a new (used) device. My phone is a moto g XT1034 from maybe 10yrs ago. It works fine and I am not looking for a new phone.

More and more I am finding devices that use an app for an interface. For example I bought a battery charger (ISDT) for a wheelchair battery project. It has an app that requires location and other permissions that I do not want to allow. Of course the app won’t work with those permissions.

So I’m looking for an Android phone or tablet to use for these types of products. Another battery charger from Victron Energy and it’s the same story…they want all my data. Believe I can use a phone without a sim card (connected thru wifi) to manage.

Do most devices have both bluetooth and wifi? I do not want another device with a sim card. Hopefully I’ve explained what I’m trying to accomplish. Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

Found a used motog 8gb for $12 before shipping. I’m dumb enough to consider it! Never owned a tablet but not against it. What would you do for the least expensive, trouble free device? It will never be used for making calls or sending text.

Thxs in advance!

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