nokia 5.3 root

(sorry for my bad english)

still do not exist any method to root Nokia 5.3(TA-1234) ? 🙁

or at least can i back to android 10 version ?

Since android 11 update my phone become useless…

Examples: When someone calling me sometimes my phone doesn’t have any vibration or sound.

light(on power button) most of times flashing without any reason ( i hope it really flashing without any reason and doesn’t really exist any necessary notifications that i don’t receiving xD )

Black horizontal lines on display, sometimes appear sometimes not. i do not know reason ( i’m not using any third party ‘booster’ or similar trash apps)


P.s. please do not lose your time to suggest me Factory reset or same steps, cuz i tried every ‘default’ solution. im sure problems coming from nokia phone, not from android system.

this is why i mention root

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