Nonstop robocalls for past 50 hours have crippled my phone

Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL
Two days ago, I started receiving constant robocalls — often every few seconds or minutes — from a batch of similar numbers that belong to RFQ Lending, a company I spoke with briefly several weeks ago about refinancing our mortgage to take advantage of the low interest rates. We went with a different lender and when RFQ called next, I let them know so they could remove us from their call log St.

Fast forward about 4 weeks to last week. I had an obviously pre-recorded voicemail on my cell phone from the same loan rep at RFQ offering info about refinancing "our" VA mortgage (we have a conventional, not VA, mortgage). I didn’t think much of it, just deleted the message. A few days later (two days ago) at 9:30 am, my phone started ringing with one call after another, seconds apart, from different numbers. I answered the first few calls to silence, so I started blocking the numbers as they came up, roughly 30-40 of them, but although the phone was no longer ringing, it was overwhelmed with processing the barrage of calls and the voicemail that was sometimes left (same VA loan message).

In an effort to troubleshoot, I called several of the numbers, each time hearing, "Your call has been forwarded to {loan rep name}’s fax number." I contacted this person, who said he removed me from all call lists, but the calls continued. He contacted their IT department, who said they could see nothing wrong and that they only showed three calls to me. I forwarded him a series of screenshots of my call log showing dozens of rapid-fire calls over a few minutes.

He apologized and a lot of back and forth ensued, including a text exchange from a company VP, but the calls continued and soon I was unable to make or receive any calls, because the phone was constantly busy blocking calls.

I chat session with Verizon was nonproductive — they offered two choices: change my number or purchase an add-on service for $2.99/month that might or might not help. I declined the offer and stated that I needed help finding whether these calls were actually coming from RFQ or not. Chat session was conveniently disconnected. I called customer support and scheduled a callback for tomorrow, but I don’t have much confidence in a resolution at this point.

This whole thing feels like malware, but I can’t prove it and have no idea what to do next. My recent calls list keeps emptying itself every couple of hours (probably running out of space to store blocked call logs) and the voicemail list keeps briefly displaying and immediately hiding voicemails from the blocked numbers.

The constant call processing is interfering with normal use of the phone. I’m not having any luck finding info online and I’m running out of options. Does anyone here know enough about the phone app on a Pixel 4 to offer any advice? I’m at a loss. Thank you.


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