Not ANT+ in Note 20 Ultra

After 10 months of owning this phone, I just discovered that my Note 20 Ultra doesn’t support ANT+ despite all the specs everywhere saying it does. That is, there is not ANT+ hardware, and you would have to use a USB ANT+ dongle. This is particularly strange since ANT+ is supported on the Note 10, S20, Note 9, Note 8…. I ran ANTester to verify and sure enough, there is no ANT+ hardware to support this protocol. I’m not sure why all the spec listings out there continue to show that it does support it. Is it possible that the US version does not, but other versions do?

Anyway, for those who don’t know, ANT+ is just basically a wireless protocol not that dissimilar to Bluetooth but it’s primarily used to transmit training data – like heart rate, cadence, and power. There are advantages in that unlike Bluetooth, ANT+ devices can connect to multiple devices simultaneously whereas Bluetooth is more of a dedicated 1 on 1 connection.

So, I can’t believe I didn’t realize all this time I was using Bluetooth LE to connect to my HR monitor, and not ANT+.

Just posting here in case someone knows something that I totally missed. Still puzzling how this phone doesn’t have that support whereas all the others Notes and Galaxy (post 2013) by Samsung do.

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