Not including chargers is potentially dangerous

So I’m a bit late to the discussion of this new "no charger in the box" garbage of a trend that has been on for a while now… Now while many of us, me included, often prefer using decent 3rd party accessories over the included stuff, many people just want to get a phone and use it as it comes. Now if you don’t include a charger that is compatible with the device AND capable of providing the advertised charging speeds, you open up a whole level of danger for less tech savvy users who don’t really have a "feel". let alone the technical knowledge, for buying good chargers. At best, this can end with a charger that is lousy and slow but otherwise harmless, and on the worst end can be potentially dangerous. Most people will just search up "<phone mode> charger <whatever wattage/standard the phone manufacturer calls for>" and pick the cheapest with good reviews. While often you can find some sweet deals for reasonable prices from decent brands, more often than not you can run into stuff that looks shiny and luxurious on the outside but is a whole different story on the inside. I’ve personally take apart badly made chargers before, and have watched countless videos on the matter. Everything from the lacquer in transformers and/or a 1mm (or even less) gap being the only thing between you and mains voltage, all the way to the interference suppression capacitor between the primary and secondary not being a safe-failing class Y1 capacitor (regular non-safety capacitors fail short circuit and are deadly for this usage). Not to mention overall quality of the components and power output being absolute trash on cheap chargers. Including phone chargers significantly reduces the chance of average joe getting something that is a fire/electrocution risk since they will just use that charger instead of being forced to buy a third party one.

Below links speak for themselves:

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