Not sure why I left

Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL
So I went for a spin on the Samsung train for a few months with an S20 and while it was fine there were a few things that irritated me a little. Then I started having problems and discovered my carrier, a Verizon mvno doesn’t support the regular S20 and it messed my SIM card up. So this past week I got a SIM card and went back to the 4XL, quit trying to use a third party launcher and just used the pixel 4XL as intended and IDK why I quit using it.

The face unlock works fantastic and I’m working from home right now anyway so it’s only an issue when I’m wearing a mask which isn’t that often. The face unlock on the Galaxy S20 is quite frankly terrible and slow as well as the fingerprint reader is just awful to use so this was a welcome change after using something that.

That said there’s a lot of things on the S20 that are good and a few of those Samsung features I do like but overall the pixel is just easier to use and I really am starting to appreciate the pixel launcher for what it is other than I would like to be able to use custom icons and hide apps in the app drawer that are already on my home screen but I’ve just accepted that I don’t go into the app drawer a lot and using what’s on my home screen most of the time and the recommendations are surprisingly good.

Anyway just wanted to share my rediscovered love for the Pixel and say that I’m back for a while. At this point I’m really not seeing a whole lot of reason to upgrade to the Pixel 5 although if there’s a decent sale that could change so we’ll see.


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