Note 10+ low temp charging warning/battery rapid drop off from 80odd% to 2%

Hey guys strange one here…have read alot of similar standalone issues on here but this one is bizarre.

Began getting the low temp when charging issue last week out of the blue, would charge only if turned off.

Charge it. Out for the day at theme park charge got low approx 6% then immediately turned off.

Charged again while turned off due to low temp warning again.

Next day battery at 87% then all of a sudden showing 2%.

It annoyed me so removed sim and swapped back to my old note 8. Left the Note 10+ on as test …it’s now been on for nearly 4 days at 1%!!!

I have 3C battery monitor on it and it shows this and some weird temp readings, not sure whether any screenshots of this data would help diagnose what the hell is going on?

Any help appreciated guys


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