Note 10 stuck in reboot loop after automatic update

If left alone, the phone keeps rebooting, it will advance up to the T-Mobile screen until it reboots.

I found some guides online to try going into safe mode and recovery menu to troubleshoot but they all require turning off the phone first which i was not able to do.

Most guides suggest holding down the power button and volume down button for 15 – 30 seconds but it does not work, it just reboots the phone. It never turns off.

Is there another option to turn it off while its stuck in this loop?

Eventually the battery drained and its off that way but am concerned if i turn it back on it will just start looping again.

Aside from the safe mode and recovery mode – what are the other options to get this working again?
If i flash it with working firmware – would the phone keep all the data?

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