Note 20 5G Doing Weird Things

I think this phone has a mind of its own. The last few weeks it has been randomly turning off wifi during the day. I do have a Bixby routine enabled for the phone to turn off wifi when I leave the house, but I have that set to turn off once I’m approximately 1 mile away. And the same for turning it back on once I’m within 1 mile of my house. So I doubt it’s a Bixby issue.

And over the last week or so, I notice that in the evening (starting around 2100) that it is turning wifi off and then right back on and also silencing the ring tone volume and then immediately setting it back to normal. The phone vibrates when the volume is turned down and then beeps when it is turned back on.

Anyone experience this or have suggestions how to make it stop? I’m on the verge of doing a factory reset and starting over from scratch, but I’d really prefer not to.

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