Note 20 ultra display looks washed out, not photos, overall screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
I put my Note 20 Ultra next to my 6 month old Note 10 plus using identical wallpaper, icons, made it an exact duplicate of my Note 10 plus home screen. I noticed the 20 Ultra looks washed out looking, using a black pattern wallpaper, the 20 Ultra looks like the brightness is too high, though they are both set the same, also looks like the 20 Ultra has less contrast, and blacks look a little grayed out. Also running both of them with no sim card on my Google Nest wifi system the 20 Ultra is is slower in both app downloads and also slower using several different internet speed checks the 20 ultra is always slower by about 15%. Tested downloading a few exact same apps, the Note 10 plus was downloaded and finished installing while my 20 Ultra was still downloading. Went back to the AT&T store that has a service department and was told the tests I did were not useful, I asked why they were not useful but didn’t get an answer from the tech guy, just said 2 things " you can’t judge a phone doing that" and "that the problem is they are using 2 different versions of the Snapdragon CPU’s" I think his answer was BS, as I did the same testing with my Note 10 plus and an LG V40 and wifi speeds and downloads were all less that 5% different, also the screen on my LG V40 looked almost exactly the same in color and brightness as my Note 10 plus. They did not offer to swap my 20 Ultra out for a new one. I’m pretty dissatisfied with a $1,300 phone that can’t equal the screen quality or wifi speeds of an LG V40 or my Note 10 plus.
I expect at minimum at least the same screen quality and performance of my Note 10 Plus. I asked about swapping it out for a regular Note 20, but he said you did a trade in and it’s already sent out, again I think that’s BS.


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