Note 20 Ultra lock screen repeatedly “blinking” while charging?

So I just traded up from a Galaxy Note 10 to a Note 20 Ultra.. this was an issue with that phone as well but after having the 20 for about a month or so I’m seeing this issue again…
What happens is after its plugged in to the OEM USBc charger the phone lock screen will repeatedly turn on and turn off about every 30 seconds or so as if I had just plugged it in. It continues to charge, just not as fast as normal.. as if its intermittently cutting the charge and starting back up again immediately.. the phone starts getting warm while this is happening and it cannot be good for the battery either.
I apologize if the description isn’t the best, I’ll respond to any input.. I don’t see a way to attach files but I can provide a short video of the phone ‘in the act’ so to speak.
Thank you for your time in addressing this issue.

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