Note 8 screen time-out vs screen lock-out

I use my note 8 for data collection while doing Home Inspections and am concerned about someone getting full access to my data should my phone get snatched or left somewhere.

I’ve tested the lock-out password settings but find the max time delay this phone can do is 30 minutes, which is really too short for my application, then it becomes a real annoyance entering a password each time I need to add additional data or take a photo through the course of doing a 4 hr inspection.

What I’d really like is for my screen to fall asleep after 5 min, that I can swipe to awaken (as it does now) but then if the phone is inactive for 60 or 90 min, that it then locks down completely requiring my long password to open.

I’ve been searching for an app that’ll do that, but no luck. Does anyone know of a way to make that happen ?

Thanks, Joe

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