Note 9… worth it in late 2021?

Hello all. My wife wants to try out a Note device. The only problem is, she doesn’t like larger devices. I mean super large like the N10+ or the N20U. The Note 10 and Note 20 are relatively smaller, but neither one features expandable storage which is a must for her. I was thinking that the Note 9 would sort of fit the criteria of what she’s looking for…

But, is it worth it in 2021? The device being older is not a big deal to her… My only concern is the security of the device. I know it is now due to get quarterly security patches for the next year… But beyond that.. How long will the device be supported? She generally keeps her devices a long time. At least two years. Is it a matter of security patches, or the version of Android which is 10? I assume Android 10 won’t be out of date for quite some time. She currently has the S10e, so if she did get the Note 9, it would both be an upgrade and a downgrade. She has had the S10e for two years, and before that, the S7 for two and a half years.

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