Nothing plays on anything.

Please can somebody help? I have 4 Google home Minis, 2 Google hubs, A chromecast with google tv. and A Sonos Beam running Google Assistant, all through a google wifi mesh off of a Virgin Media Router.
I have had all of this for 2 or more years and until recently everything was working fine. Very rarely had a problem other than the usual "there’s been a glitch try again later." or "I can’t help with that right now" Etc.
For the past few weeks I have had to reboot each item in order to play anything, for instance… on the google home mini’s in my daughter’s room, she plays music to go to sleep to. Now google says that she will play the music and nothing happens. This happens on Spotify, Tune in and Deezer.
I check my phone and it is on pause, press play, it immediately goes back to pause.
Same thing on the Google TV on everything except Netflix…. Play a video and it immediately pauses.
Press play and it pauses again…. I can literally bash the play button and it will play in tiny snippets.
This happens on Disney plus, Plex, Prime, Hayu, I have reset the router, Modem, each item individually and within 24 hours it happens again. The only way I can watch any video is to reboot the google TV before I watch anything.
I have cleared caches I have updated everything I can find but I am at a total loss. Can anyone help please?
Much appreciated.

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