Notifications and Ringtones and Pictures

All right I have a couple questions I had a folder on my old phone that said notifications in it was a bunch of text tones and ringtones both. so can I just copy all of them over to the notification folder on the new phone cuz there’s also a ringtones folder I didn’t know since some of these are short text tones and some more longer ringtones do they need to be separated?

And then another question about pictures I have a couple folders of pictures that I want on the new phone and I just copied and pasted them under the phone but then I realized I think they should have been under DCIM is that correct? Cuz I’m not sure but I want to make sure that I see these folders in my gallery and now I have a couple empty folders under phone and I can’t get them deleted it says write protected on the empty folders but I have the folders with all the pictures in it under DCIM. As of right now when I go under gallery I’m seeing all my folders that I moved over from my S10+ to here.

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