Notifications not updating? (Even when viewed)

Galaxy S21 Ultra

I’ve noticed the notification icons show on the various apps even after i go into them to view whatever messages, alerts, etc are there. They stay there until i swipe down and ‘clear’ the notifications.

Example: I receive 15 emails, so my mail app shows the red ’15’ next to it. I go into the app, read and respond to emails, but the 15 icon is still over the app. Until i swipe down and clear the notifications

So i frequently have a situation where, like now for instance, i have "Teams" with a 50 icon over it, even though i’ve gone through everything, but now i have to selectively go through the notification pane and swipe right to clear notifications, being careful not to swipe to clear one that i haven’t already viewed, or it goes away and i risk missing it.

I don’t think my S9+ did this, but it might have and i’m just forgetting

Any way around this or is it just by design?

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