Now Playing Icon on Home Screen No Longer Connects to Now Playing App

On my Pixel 2XL I had an icon on my home screen labeled Now Playing. This is an icon generated by Android and it connects to Now Playing history. If I wanted a quick way to see the music I’ve heard in the past couple of days I could simply tap on the Now Playing Icon and see all the songs.

I got my Pixel 5a yesterday and I did the settings transfer using the USB-C cable, connecting my two phones together and tranferring the settings from my 2XL to my 5a. Because I use Nova Prime as my launcher and because I made a backup of my Nova Prime settings, when I restored those Nova settings on my 5a the Now Playing icon was restored to my home screen. However, if I tap on that icon now I get a message, "App Isn’t Installed".

I have verified the Now Playing is activated: Settings > Sound & Vibration > Advanced > Now Playing > Identify Songs Playing Nearby ON

So now if I want to see my Now Playing History I have to type this rigamarole:

Settings > Sound & Vibration > Advanced > Now Playing > Now Playing History

Anybody know a way to restore the functionality of the Now Playing icon on my home screen so it will show me Now Playing History with one tap of that icon?

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