Number not unblocking

I’ve managed to somehow accidentally block my daughters mobile number on my Huawei phone. No idea how I’ve even done it.

I’ve gone into settings on the Phone app and found her number listed several times under the Blocked section. I’ve unblocked all the entries of her number and they’ve disappeared from the list now.

However when she tries calling me her number still can’t get through?

I get a weird tone when she’s tried to call and on her end she gets ‘call failed’ or ‘user busy’ once or twice and then the next time she calls it rings her end but doesn’t ring my end. I just get a weird little tone like my phone is doing something (not my usual ringtone) but no actual call comes through at all and no notification of a missed call.

Can anyone help with what may be going on here? Have I unblocked her number in the correct way? Is there somewhere else I need to check to ensure her number is correctly unblocked?

Many thanks!

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