Odd discrepancy in Google Photo date labeling

Last night I took some videos of the July 4th fireworks display over Lake Eola here in Orlando, which I like to share with other family members who can’t attend. In the process of reviewing and downloading those videos from my Google Photos website, I noticed a peculiar discrepancy of one calendar day between the informational details, which correctly reflected the date and time when the video was actually shot (e.g., 9:15pm on July 4), and the labeling or coding of the video, which erroneously indicates that it was taken the following day (e.g., PXL_20210705_0xxxxxxxx.mp4). Out of curiosity, I then looked back and was surprised to discover that, at least as far back as September of 2020 when I was still using my prior phone (a Pixel 2XL), photos and videos taken after a certain hour exhibited the same one-day difference.

Based on further analysis and testing, it appears that while the time and date information is properly correlated to my local time (US Eastern), the calendar for labeling or coding rolls over when the day changes at Greenwich Mean Time instead of local time — i.e., when my local time is GMT-04.00, photos taken after 8:00pm local time are labeled or coded as having been taken the following day; and during that part of the year when my local time is GMT-05.00, the date on the labeling or coding changes at 7:00pm. Are others experiencing this same issue, or is it a glitch that’s only happening to me? More importantly, can anyone provide helpful guidance as to what setting, if any, can be adjusted to rectify this discrepancy? Thanks!

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