Odd startup and progress bar this morning.

I’m one of those who turns my phone off every night. This morning when I pressed the power button I was doing something in the kitchen and turned around and looked at my p6p a couple of minutes later and noticed it was still booting up, which never takes that long.

It had the colorful Google G on the screen and a progress bar like it was installing something. I caught it when it was at 90 percent complete and watched it move to 100 and then finish. It looked like some type of update, but nothing else showed on the screen.

I used my PIN to get started and all looked normal, but after a couple of minutes when the screen locked and I tried to go back in, the only way I could was to use my PIN as the fingerprint scanner was missing. I restarted again and all works fine.

Has anyone else had this behavior? I wonder what updated?

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