Ok. Have a delimma.

Got the ZF3. It’s pretty sweet. Use the front screen a good bit, love it folded out.

But here’s the thing. My job is pretty dusty. It’s pretty much excess "film", but really my company makes screens for phones, lcd monitors, etc.

When the edges of that plastic is cut, excess comes to my department and recycled.

So those flakes are everywhere. I do have a locker I keep the phone in. But still seems even when not at work, putting the phone in pockets and taking it out, unfolding it, dust all on the screen.

Now, should I worry? I’m scared it’s going to get in the hinges and cause damage.

Thinking about returning it due to those issues really. And I’ll say one more thing, the reflections on the screen is worse than on my note 20. Glare everywhere.

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