Ok, this phone is starting to annoy me

My P6 Pro is really buggy. I dont know what it is but my P5 through all the betas for 12 for more solid than this phone.

Ive had my phone for about a week now to give it enough time to see what was just a fluke or a continuing annoyance.

For one, notifications just wont stay set. It seems like every day Im resetting a sound Ive set for a personal notification or something. Even when I go into the sound and that specific sound it already chosen but the phone still uses the default sound.

Setting up the phone was really more annoying than in the past. I dont remember ever having to re-sign in to so many apps before. Most of the time it remembered my passwords and such.

The recent and most critical annoyance is my rules are not staying set. By that I mean my one rule. Its a very important rule because its set to go to vibrate mode when it connects to my work at wifi. It was working fine up until yesterday. Now my phone is connecting and going into vibrate mode but sometimes just pops out of it even though still connected to wifi, and then I get very loud notifications coming through. This is quite embarrassing when Im sitting with clients at my desk and when my phone is supposed to be silent, it lets random noises out.

The last thing is that my google no longer shows a weather temp in the banner at the top. I know this is trivial but again, this was working up until a couple days ago. Ive had no updates other than the November update that happened within the first 5 minutes of setting up my phone.

Other than those things I like the phone, battery life has been great too. But there are other things that have been creeping up here and there. I took my first photos with the phone today(I know, a week really?) and there was flickering on the screen when I was trying to tap where to focus. Some of my apps still crash or freeze upon opening. Not sure why because, again, I was having no issues with these apps on my P5 betas and final 12.

Im going to give it more time obviously, hopefully there will be a few more updates. But is anyone else experiencing any of these?

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