ONE UI 2.5 Problems on AT&T Note10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ (2019)
I have AT&T as my carrier and received ONE UI 2.5 update. Once installed I noticed
1. The assistant menu icon could no longer be hidden. The best I could was remove all the short cuts accept one. Make it transparent and dock it as an edge icon.

2. I can no longer optimize battery usage for apps. When I hit all to optimize it accepts. Close out and go back they are all shut off.

3. When I charged to 100% battery capacity, available time was 30 hours or one day and six hours. Now max capacity is less than twenty-four hours.

I’ve cleared the cache. I’ve done factory reset and rebuilt from scratch. I took screen shots of home screen settings and all other settings just to be sure. Still under twenty-hour battery capacity.

Has this happened to any other AT&T users. Rumors are either carrier or samsung removed these features to compell upgrading to note 20. So what you all?


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