One week review

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
I have the note 20

I traded my 10+ for the regular note 20 at T-Mobile and received $700 trade in from them I couldn’t pass it up. If the trade in wasn’t that high I would of kept the 10+.

Due to arthritis I picked the smaller version of the note this time. I purchased a cheap case but ended up with the OtterBox defender series case instead. I have both types of screen protectors coming my way in a few days.

I have developers options activated and set my animations to off. I am running Nova Prime as my launcher. I have about 75 apps installed on the device at any one time. I use Google messages as my text app with RCS activated. I use home buttons because Nova doesn’t allow gestures.


I have never relied on a phone camera for photos I might want to print I use a cannon professional camera. With that said this camera can take great shots the iPhone still takes better shots in my opinion. The colors are more accurate on the iPhone. My 10+ actually took better photos in my opinion.


I am getting about 6 hours of screen on time and battery last about 14 hours with normal use and 10 hours with heavy use which is better than the 10+ was.


The phone itself is much quicker and smoother than the 10+ was with no hickups ever so far. Page scrolling is awesome very fluid. No signs of screen freeze or any app problems at all.


As far as what this device doesn’t have that the ultra does have doesn’t bother me nor do I need any of it anymore since I am retired. I enjoy the size and the flat screen this device has. I would highly recommend this device to any one in the search for a new phone. The plastic back is Burried under the defender case so who cares. The note 20 has meet all my expectations so far and more so I couldn’t be any happier!!![emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]

How do you feel about your new note so far?

PS: This review is after a week of use and is subject to change.


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