Oneplus 8 pro and Samsung S20 +

Why do a lot of people not like the Oneplus 8 pro,i have tried one for the last few months and think its great and first ever Oneplus phone as was all Samsung from S2 upto my current S20+.
This Oneplus has kept me from going back to my S20+ for a few reasons,anazing fast Warp charging/screen is so sharp and clear/120Hz on browsing and main screen/Snapdragon chip is super fast and smooth and a very handy rocker switch like iphone to turn volume off and a few other stuff,also cheap as the OP 9 came out.
Dont get me wrong i love me Galaxy and would never sell it being a top premuim phone,also i can get a good 2 days very close on both phone with average to light use as i never play games which helps,i just wanted to try another make and so much good Reviews on the 8 Pro i just had to.

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