P30 pro – software upgrade empty DCIM folder


I have had my p30 pro since September 2019, I am very happy about the phone until recently.
On the day of the upgrade to emui 11, I believe my DCIM folder has been emptied during the process.
At first, I thought it was me who made some stupid series of commands which deleted the folder.
Upset as you can think, I could not recovered my pictures.
Now I take pictures again, and dcim folder is full, I still have plenty of space in the phone (see attached – of course, all pictures are deleted)
But during the previous upgrade, my dcim folder is emptied again. (I have a backup of the pictures now)

Is it a common issue at Huawei? I tried to find information about it but only found sponsored ads to recover my pictures…
Anyone out there with similar problems?


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