P4 5g vs P5 or wait for P6?

My LG G6 is really starting to leg and battery life is waning, so looking to step up to a 5g phone as I am in 5g area now. Been a LG user for past 6 years, since they closed down their phone division I’m looking for a new company. I was always a fan of the LG’s b/c they were pretty close to stock Android (don’t want all that Samsung skin stuff). I’m not power user, actually a basic/minimalist user. Key features for me are #1 long battery life and #2 good camera, but still just for casual use, not work. I’m Verizon customer and the P5 is only $100 more than the P4 5g currently, if they even offer the P4 5g anymore. I was going to go with the P5 but wondering if waiting 4 months for the P6 is the better idea if they are going to be about the same price. I keep my phones for a long time (as you can tell as I’m rocking my G6 still) until the performance or battery starts to go downhill. I also don’t want a monster sized phone, no gaming here. Only thing I worry about with the P6 is the fact they are using their own chip, and while I see this as a positive step for the company/brand, I’ve never been a fan of being 1st one on the boat, been there, done that and usually would have preferred to be on the next one.

I’ve read the P5 is basically the P4 5g in a slightly smaller size, 2gb more memory, slightly larger battery, full glass/aluminum body, wireless charging and sans the headphone jack. And the P6 should be a big step up from the P5 in camera tech.

What do you all recommend?


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