P40 pro my experience so far

Huawei P40
I finally got my P40 pro and used it for a couple of days so far, I’m loving the phone. Phone clone app help transferred most of my apps. However, even though Peta search is recommended I still ended up downloading APK Pure. I found APk pure was a better option for me I was able to find more apps on there. Surprisingly google maps still worked and google messages which I’ve grown to love vs other SMS apps and gboard app over swiftkey.

Things that don’t work even though I try to download separately
-Google duo (wasn’t sure if it still work had to try)
-Google hangouts (use a lot) – moved on to whatsapp
-Google home (already knew it wouldn’t work)
-Google Assistant (already knew it wouldn’t work)
-Google drive (already knew it wouldn’t work)
-Google photo ((already knew it wouldn’t work)

There are some apps that require the play store
– Kijiji ( I use a lot 🙁 )
– Some games that I play can’t give you a list of that (they will load but point to google playstore to save their players settings?)

So far what I found that’s been an improvement ( Bluetooth) for some odd reason my P30 pro was having drop issues with my Samsung buds + it will drop signal whenever I put my phone in my pocket it doesn’t do it all the time but when it does it ruins the whole music experience which I use a lot when i’m travelling on the public transit.

As far as photos go I just played with it a bit I’m going to do some more exploring on that.
for wifi not sure if it’s because of my version of the phone (bought it from China) the wifi settings is a bit tricky for some odd reason I can’t connect to my work wifi. It gives you a bunch of wifi settings to play with which I find a bit odd at home, I don’t have that issue. So I guess it’s my work security that I need to figure out. That’s one quirk I don’t like.

That’s it so far
More too come!


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