Phone chirps and vibrates when charging

I just migrated from my pixel 2 to my 6 pro.

Plugged it into charge after migration and the phone lights up and vibrates and makes a sound while charging. I use the same charger and cable I use with my pixel 2. I switched to the cable that came with the pixel and same problem.

For some reason the pixel does not come with a charger so I don’t have any other to try. My other chargers have the large USB connection and I don’t have a USB to USB-c cable to test with another charger I have around the house.

I went into settings and turned off vibration and sound notification when charging but phone still lights up without the sound and vibration.

Kind of strange the phone does not come with a charger. How would I charge if I did not have a usb-c charger from my last phone? I shook the box, no charging cube.

Do I have a defective phone?

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