Phone Lifespan

My apologies if this is the billionth time this question has been asked. When answering, pls assume I know next to nothing about smartphones. Since 2010, I’ve owned two: an LG K7 MS330 which I loved, and a Galaxy J3 Prime which is adequate. Metro by T-Mobile has been my carrier for 10 years and it works great for me. Not a heavy user. No gaming, no streaming, almost no photo or video shoots. Surf, news, text, phone and once in a great while, WiFi hotpsot. I’ve bought inexpensive phones so far, and I’d like to continue to. Basing your answers on my needs, and not your preferences, pls tell me why I should upgrade to more than 2GB RAM, which adds $100 to price range of phones I’m considering (2019 Moto G7 Play: Android 9 Pie vs. 2021 G7 Power: Android 10). (Yes, I’m cheap. When you start living on a fixed income, you might be too.) Also, I know there are update/security implications. How long does Android usually support a given operating system? Many thanks for your help.

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