Phone problem while using Android Auto

I recently just switched back to Android and the S21 Ultra from iPhone and I am loving my new toy, but I am having one challenge I need to overcome quickly. While driving and using Android Auto – I initiate a call by long pressing the steering wheel button which activates the Google voice assistant. I tell it to call a contact, which it does, but when the person answers the phone the audio switches from car to the handset and there is no easy way to switch it back. It’s impossible to do while driving, and even while stationary I have been unable to figure out how to get it to reconnect with the car.

Receiving calls does not seem to be a problem, it’s only when making a call. If I can’t resolve this quickly I will have to return it as much as I would love to keep it. I need to be able to easily make calls while in the car. Any suggestions?

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