Phone stuck on constant loop. no idea what to do please help :(

Phone model:

S7 Edge


My S7 has been in this constant loop with download mode for the past 2 days. It will randomly turn on with the download screen "Downloading, do not turn off target…" and get stuck there. I am able to forcefully shut down by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power but it will simply not boot back up again. The phone will just stay dead for 30 or so minutes then randomly boot up again with download mode.

Here is a list of things I have tried but to no avail:

– Force rebooting (Volume down + Power button)
– Connecting it to my computer (Says USB not recognised)
– Tried to boot it into safe mode but it does not even turn on at all so I cant even get to the boot screen
– Letting battery drain and recharging
– Left the phone on download mode for 6 hours

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