Phone that uses bare cylindrical li-ion cells

So my idea of a perfect smartphone battery solution would be making thicker phones (I know phone thickness is a trigger for some, sorry about that haha) that can accept bare cylindrical li-ion cells. There’s plenty of other stuff (flashlights, specialist electronics, e-cigs, etc…) that takes these as if they are any other battery, so I was thinking why not make a phone that takes these? I think the only issue would be the CPSC likely not being happy about something like this and claiming it’s "too dangerous", but I doubt anyone who is a big enough power user to want this type of a phone is probably like me aware of the simple concept of battery safety (I’ve never had issue and I have tons of devices that use bare cells since I got sick of glued-in non removable li-po batteries wearing down in some heavily used equipment after only a few months). If you keep battery safety in check, you can have a small plastic safety case of 18650s (or whatever cell ends up being viable for phones since 18650s are huge) with you and just be able to get an instantly full battery when the previous one runs down. Another advantage would be that the phone can remain usable for virtually as long as the hardware inside lasts, as you don’t have to worry about proprietary batteries that go out of production after a while.


I dream of the day when I can just stick in a spare fully charged Samsung INR18650-30Q into a phone and have another charging, no need to wait for non-removable batteries to charge or spending a gazillion dollars on overpriced proprietary spares.

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