Phone will not wake up from AOD

Galaxy Note 8
3-4 months ago I dropped my phone and it hit something on the floor that broke the screen, it has had a 3/8" dia. black spot directly under where it hit. Since then I have been having intermittent issues.
Occasionally the bottom portion of the screen will flash like a slow strobe light.

More often than not when I am on a call and pull the phone away to hang up the screen will remain black and it takes about 2 minutes for the phone to wake up.

Occasionally when I try to wake up the phone from the AOD to use it the AOD will go away for about a minute then try to wake up again and then it will finally wake up.

Lately the waking up from AOD has taken 2 or more attempts. TILL THIS MORNING. It will not wake up at all. I see the AOD and the phone rings when I call and I get the notifications on the AOD but just cannot get it to wake up.

Does this stem from the screen being broke?

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