Phone won’t connect to wifi after rebooting router

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I have a moto E play. Don’t like it but am stuck with it.

Whenever we turn our router off and on again, or when the service is interrupted and reboots itself, some of our devices, usually my mobile, won’t reconnect to wifi unless we reboot a second time. It has been roughly explained to me why this happens, certain devices “stealing” other devices MAC addresses, but is there an easier way to reconnect the stranded devices than by rebooting the router, the results of which are unpredictable. Perhaps by changing the MAC address in the device’s settings? Our Virgin Hub 3 router takes more than 5 minutes to reboot.

Does resetting the phone at “Setting>System>Reset option>Reset WiFi Mobile and Bluetooth” achieve anything? What would be lost?

Can MAC and IP address be changed under Settings>System>About phone> Status?

This question must have been asked so many times. Is the problem caused by a characteristic of some routers? Or some phones? Why cannot the router manufacturers and phone manufacturers get together to fix it?


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