Photo gallery pictures take few days to upload to Google Photos


on my previous Samsung Gallaxy phones, like S2, Note and S10, I was used to take a photo, and few seconds later it was uploaded automatically on Google Photos. Always. At my home, in the office…maybe it took few minutes on LTE roaming, but they always uploaded in a matter of seconds or minutes.

But now with my new Samsung Galaxy S21 it takes incredibly long! Some pictures need few days to upload, some do not upload at all…. and sometimes they upload in few seconds.

My settings for BACKUP TO GOOGLE ONE:
– 63GB og 100 GB used
– Backup by google One = Enabled
– Photos & Videos = Enabled
o Upload size = Reduced
o Mobile data use = Enabled
o Backup folders = Camera, Photos, Videos, Images

I do have some videos of size 200 MB, but they are 2 or 3 weeks old and all are already uploaded.

Can I somehow manually push upload?
Any idea where’s the catch, why so large delay in uploading?

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