Photo thumbnails created in the Picture folder not in DCIM folder

Hello everyone.

I have a Galaxy A50 running Android 11 and the Samsung camera (version and gallery (Version apps.

The phone as well as the camera and gallery apps work just fine.

Here’s the deal.

After taking a picture, I can find my photo in the "Internal Storage / DCIM /Camera folder.

What I’m confused about (and maybe someone can straighten me out on this) is that once I have "viewed" the actual photo via the Gallery app, I find the thumbnail for that photo in the "Internal Storage / Pictures / .thumbnails" folder.

I have been reading a bunch of articles on the Internet and all of them indicate the thumbnails should be found inside of the "Internal Storage / DCIM" folder.

But, at least on my phone, that is not the case.

My wife have a Galaxy S10.
And the thumbnails for photos on her phone can indeed be found in the DCIM folder.

I’m so confused.

I wonder if I can ask for some clarity as to where the thumbnails should be found and why my phone seems to be "different".


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