Photos: deletes duplicate without permission

It seems when I delete a photo from within Google Photos, any and all duplicates of the photo with different names are also deleted. For example, if I upload a photo to Drive, rename it there to make the filename more intelligible for when it is shared on various mediums, and then download the renamed photo, Google Photos apparently ties this renamed copy to the original, and assumes I want to remove the original when I remove the renamed copy after it is shared. A current inconvenient workaround requires deletion from within Files instead of Photos, and doesn’t seem consistent (photos downloaded to the device from Drive that don’t have an original in Photos seem to simply be trashed on the device after I delete from within Files, but remain on the Cloud, necessitating deletion of .trashed files from within Photos). If anyone knows of a more convenient fix to this issue please let me know. Meanwhile I reported the issue to Google.

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