Photos – Why aren’t all filters available for all pictures?

I’ve got a Pixel 6 Pro.

What I’m trying to figure out, is why ‘edit’ shows me different filters for different pictures – with no option to select from all filters. For example, one picture I took of my gf offered the color pop filter … but then another I took that was very similar did not. This was via the pre-selected filters shown to me by Google. That said, even if I scroll over to the actual filters tab, I see different filters for different pictures and can never find all of them in one place.

Is there an option to turn on all filters? Do I need to have a sub to Google One ( I thought I got everything with the P6Pro )? Or does Google only allow some filters for some photos … although this seems to have no rhyme or reason given that it shows different filters for almost identical pictures.

Any help appreciated and cheers.

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