Pics not sending or receiving when on cellular. Works fine on WiFi

Good Friday morning to everyone.

I have a TMO LG V60 and after the Android 11 update i feel that Messages (google, not LG) is starting to suffer performance issues.
I am experiencing more and more failures of pics sending and receiving when on cellular connection.
I am using the stock APN as well as created a new APN with the only change being IPv4 only.

I have power cycled the phone several times during trouble shooting.
I have turned on and off Chat features in googles messages app. (Currently it is on and says Connected)
I have tried switching from 5G which i am normally on to 4G.
I have tried enabling and disabling WiFi.
I have disabled and enabled WiFi calling as well as changed it from WiFi Preferred and cellular preferred.
I have also tried using the stock LG messages app with the same results, failed to send or receive pics.
I have uninstalled Carrier Services (several months ago that app updated and caused sms/mms failures and was traced back to this app).
I also tried to uninstall the Sprint Carrier Hub (which i still dont know why or how it got on my phone but after android 11 it is now there and cant be uninstalled or force stopped and per the description is for Sprint phones on TMO network which i am a TMO customer with a TMO phone on TMO network.) Also the Tmo Carrier Hub will not install on my phone from the play store.

So I am reaching out to my fellow V60 users, who also happen to be Tmo customers on Tmo network and ask if you guys are having the same problem? Are you able to send and or receive pictures via the google or LG messaging app?

My last resort will be to factory reset the phone but i would be restoring it from a back up so not sure it will fix the issue.
Sadly this glitch has me looking at Samsung phones. Im hoping thats just the annoyance of not being able to send or receive pics when im mobile.

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