Pics of my Latercase Kevlar Ultimate camera module protector

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Just got back into town and my Latercase delivery waiting for me :). Haven’t settled in yet but couldn’t wait to see what it looked like and snap a few pics to share. I really hate hiding this Mystic White N20U and especially cover up that silver camera module but its nakedness does concern me at times when putting it down on questionable/uneven surfaces even with the slight raise-ivity the Spigen provides.

I’ll try to swap the cases later and see how it really fits on the phone but initial impressions… very nicely finished. I look at the back side and edges to see if they are rounded off and finished smooth and seems to be.

And that feel of Kevlar… Feels good in the hands.. uh… you know what I mean… diggidy 😉


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