Pixel 3… how is the GPS?

I have a LG G5 that works fine for me, except the GPS is terrible. I bought my dog a GPS collar because she wanders around in the woods and I like to know where she is. The collar works fine and shows me where she is, but the G5 GPS is garbage and doesn’t show me where I am; so the combination is useless.
In my house it shows 0 satellites, while my wife LG G7 shows 6 satellites; I expect it is similar in the woods.
How would you expect the Pixel 3 to be?
(out in the open the G5 GPS works reasonably well, but even then it gets half as many satellites as the G7)

Also, the Pixel 3 is new, but they apparently haven’t been made in years, so the battery is a few years old. Can I expect normal life out of it, or will it soon die?


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