Pixel 3 XL battery draining faster lately

Anyone else with a 3 XL noticing significantly worse battery life over the past few weeks? I can’t pinpoint when it started, but whereas the battery used to end up with about 40-50% battery at the end of a call day in the hospital (phone off charger from 7 AM to about 10:30 PM), lately it’s been getting down to 20-30%. No obvious apps causing excessive drain. Cell signal in the hospital has improved, if anything, although wi-fi is and always has been fairly crappy (no change there). I tried turning off wi-fi and relying on mobile data, without much change.

If this is a relatively common finding, then maybe it could be related to a recent system update. But if it’s just me, then maybe my battery turned a corner and is starting to go downhill — it turned 2 years old yesterday. I’m trying to hold out until the Pixel 6, but who knows, maybe I’ll spring for a 5 or a 4a 5G to tide me over if this starts to get more annoying.

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