Pixel 4, Android 12 Volume Issues

Been using Android phones and tablets since the Nexus era, and just received a new (from Google) Pixel 4a and I have a multitude of issues that I suspect are more due to Android 12 than the Pixel.

The biggest problems are with audio and audio volume… things like getting blasted with maximum volume when anything from phone volume to rings and alerts setting to either disturbing loud to inaudible.

One example, when simply answering the phone "normally" the phone is functioning as a "speaker" despite the fact that it’s showing the "normal" audio icon… to address this, in most cases, selecting speaker and then returning to normal generally corrects the over volume.

Another example is that when using various BT earbuds or headsets, the volume is completely unpredictable and not related to the volume settings on the previous questions.

Anyone have any pointers on at least explaining this and perhaps being able to understand and be able to address these issues.

Thanks in advance,
Beverly Howard

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